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Dell possesses a place which no other brand has achieved yet. The brand offers an extensive spectrum of products and services which includes laptops, printers, desktops, scanners, tablet and other peripherals. All devices are best in quality and this is why it is used broadly by the people around the world.

Dell which is being appreciated on the international scale has an endless list of features included in its products. Every product offered by the brand has unique approach unlike its counterparts of the same niche. Regardless of the qualitative performance of Dell products, they often show up problematic behaviors under the effect of technical glitches. Not any of the technology is immune to tech-hitches, but every lock comes with a key, so are these issues. Dell Customer Support renders an immediate solution to all issues irrespective of their nature or stage. Therefore, Dell users are luckier than others in the case of shortcomings.

Dell Printer Problems and Solutions:

Printers are major peripherals of a computing device. Turning your computerized document to hard copies can only be done with a right printing device and Dell offers the best printers to fulfill each and every requirement of users.

As the matter of the fact, printers are equipped with very sensitive components and with the close of time, some issues surround the printing device, though Dell users tend to have fewer issue-encounters, yet it cannot be avoided completely.

Let’s discuss the common issues and their solution so that next time you can do something to resolve the respective error instead of panic. FYI, Dell Printer Support Phone Number is always available to support its troubled users.

Ink Cartridge Issues:

This generally occurs due to improper installation of the cartridge on your printer. Remove all the scrap, the packaging tape and other leftovers from the cartridge. Ideally, the black ink cartridge should be on left-side and colored cartridge should be on right-side. Re-install the printer, if you find something inappropriate.

Configuration Errors:

The major reason that ensures the proper functioning of your printer is proper configuration. If your printer is not properly configured on your computing device, you may face an inability to print. So, you better reset the settings and try printing again.

Driver Errors:

The printing errors usually occur due to driver errors such as corrupted, damaged, missing or outdated errors. So, better update the drivers of your on a timely basis to avoid any inconvenience while printing. Always, go to the official site of the manufacturer to install or re-install drivers.

Paper Jam Issues:

Paper jam occurs on very frequent basis while using printers other than Laser Printers. So to remove the jammed paper, open the upper case of your printer, and look for any leftovers of paper stuck inside the cartridge. Use a soft and damp cloth to clean the interiors of printers. Remove the rollers and set them again in a proper manner, if they look loose.

Paper Feeding Issues:

If the printer is not fetching the paper and you are unable to print, turn-off the printer. Now open the printer, shake it well to check whether there is something stuck under the rollers. Now, place the rollers. Now start the printer and try printing. If there is still any issues hindering you while printing, contact Dell Customer Care Support Number for an on-spot solution.

Dell Scanner is not Working on Dell Printers:

Dell Printer is made up of best-quality components. Nevertheless, the printer often faces issue to detect the connected scanner. This could be resolved by following the step-by-step guide given below or by dialing the Dell-Toll Free Phone Number which enable you to contact the technician’s working day-to-night to support the troubled users.

Re-Install The Scanner:

  • Remove the entire system suite for your scanner from your device, including the Dell Printer hub.
  • The device manager should be properly cleaned from all driver’s entry. Remove if there is any entry remained for dell scanner.

Now, re-install the scanner on your device by configuring the required settings.

Check Scanner:

For an effective performance of scanner. It should be properly connected and this could be determined by the blinking of LED lights and the display of scanner. To learn the significance of the lights and buttons, one can keep the user’s manual handy. This could be downloaded from the site of the manufacturer.

If you cannot find anything wrong, you could simply change your machine with which scanner is connected. This will let you know the actual faulty for the problem.

Proper Connections:

Many often broken or unstable connection evolves a certain number of errors with the functioning of scanners on Dell printers which can be resolved manually. Mainly check for the port designated for the motherboard and connecting cable. Check thoroughly for all the ports and connection whether there is something to resolve or something else is responsible for the issue happening with your scanner.

Remove and Re-Install The Drivers:

The key configuration file for scanner plays an important role in the smooth functioning of the scanner. The mutilated file can prevent your scanner to work normally with your Dell Printer. So, one should remove all the configured drivers and re-install all the required drivers from the official website.

Troubleshoot The OS:

Check the compatibility of the scanner with your OS and if there is an issue found, use the inbuilt recovery tool to troubleshoot the associated errors which are affecting the connection of scanner with the Dell Printer. Also, one should thoroughly check the system for any malware, infection or virus which is interfering the performance of your scanner.

These issues can be repaired if one can address and diagnose them properly, but most often an average user cannot detect the main cause of the issues and hence cannot complete the troubleshooting process. In such cases, Dell Scanner Support Number will help you resolve all the issues which are affecting the performance of Dell scanner and bolt a resistance from the issues for better longevity of the product. To get connected with the team of experts, dial Dell Technical Support Phone Number. This will ensure the on-time recovery of your problem and an optimized performance of your scanner.

Common Issues with Dell Laptops and Their Respective Solution

We cannot expect any of the brand to be flawless as technical glitches cannot live the hand of technology. Every existing machine is prone to its own kind of issues. Some of them are permanent while others are temporary or self-diagnosing. Same goes for the Dell laptops. The laptops manufactured by Dell have proved to provide a qualitative performance and hence it’s leading the industry for a while now.

Though the list of issues is a never-ending thing, yet we have tried to cover the most common issues with their respective solution. For better support and guidance Dell laptop support can be contacted via Dell Toll-Free Numbers.

The Laptop is not turning-on:

This issue stops your PC to get turned on even after the proper power supply. Pressing the power button doesn’t help you in such matter. The foremost thing that affects the power supply to your laptop is its battery. Secondly, any of the infected software or damaged hardware can cause such issues.

Check for all the cables and connection to see what exactly is getting wrong, if you cannot find anything do not take any action which is not confident about. In such scenarios, try calling Dell Customer Care Number.

The Slow Speed:

As the matter of the fact, with the course of time, the speed of laptop devices slow down to some extent. This happens due to regular use of its components and lack of service.

To revitalize your laptop, consider the following:

  • Check for the free disk space. An overload hard disk can affect the speed of the laptop.
  • Remove the unused data files, extensions, and applications from your system.
  • Properly clean up your disk, run antivirus and perform disk fragmentation to retain the original speed of your laptop.
  • If you find anything unusual with your laptop device, immediately rush to call Dell Customer Support Number.

The problem in wireless connection:

If your laptop is not connecting with any of the wireless technology, your workflow will definitely get affected. Check for the related settings and connect the required USB drivers. If you are still unable to connect to a wireless device, try calling Dell Toll Free Number.

The Sound Problems:

If your laptop is not producing sound while playing audio or video or any other sound, try the given tips:

  • Check whether the sound is enabled. All speakers are on and configured in right manner.
  • Make sure the speaker or sound is not muted.
  • Try using headphones to check if you get proper sound.

Blank Screen:

The blank screen can be caused due to several reasons, but f not addressed on time can cause severe effects to your device.

  • Check monitor connection and turn-off and then on.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Set the brightness settings.
  • Make sure all hardware especially motherboard is working fine.

The Annoying Noises:

Sometimes your system produces unusual sounds. This happens due to a damaged hardware. Overheating is the root cause which melts the essential wires and other parts. The sounds can be warning things which want to draw your attention towards the problem. Fan issues can also produce the irritating noise. So, take your laptop to a service center or call Dell Support service team with TFN.

Dell Desktop Issues:

Dell desktops are used by the majority of users almost in every corner of the world. It is eminent for its strong hardware, high-class features, and quality software. Desktops designed by Dell, are the perfect blend of the intuitive interface and advanced features.

Despite being a high-class product, Dell users report about the encounter with different issues every now and then. Some of them are minor while others are really prominent. Let’s dive into the range of issues and their respective solution:

  • Blue Screen Effect:

The blue color on your screen is a sign of something problematic is going on your device. This can be really brutal to your desktop, if not resolved on time. The best and most recommended solution to this problem is rebooting your desktop. The main causes behind blue screen effect, also known as the death screen are hardware failures, damaged software, corrupted files, or issues with drivers. So, cleaning up your using after rebooting is advisable to prevent the blue screen effect.

  • Installation Errors:

If your desktop is not allowing you to install new apps or software on your desktop, this could be due to no free space left. Therefore, one must clean the hard drive to free some space for new installation. Delete all unnecessary and unused files, run system cleaner. This will provide enough memory to install a new application on your device.

  • The Slow Performance:

When your system works slower than the normal speed, it can impact your workflow. Also, it is required to pay some attention towards the reason of fall in speed. It is necessary to remove malware and other security threats on the priority basis. Then reset the configuration settings and other required preferences. In dell, one can run the Microsoft tool to restore the best health of your device.

  • Computer Restarts on Its Own:

There could be a number of reasons behind the frequent system- rebooting. Such as antivirus problems, update for your OS, hardware issues like motherboard, graphics cards, and drivers cards. It is necessary to check each part properly in finding the exact reason so that Dell Technical Support Number team can help you.

  • Slow Internet:

The bandwidth determines the speed of the internet on your desktop. If your P consumes extra bandwidth than necessary, you need to contact dell desktop support number. In addition, the failure of the hard drive can be a reason for slow internet. So, first clean up your hard drive and if issues nags, in the same manner, contact Dell Support services without wasting your time.

  • Device Freezing:

Freezing or desktop-lag is something we hear very often, the main cause of this issues can be the damaged software. So one should replace the damaged software with the new one to stop the freezing error. Also, restarting your desktop can also help you resolve your dilemma to a great extent.

If you are not sure about what exactly causing an error in your desktops, calling Dell Help Number can save you from the inconvenience and regain the vigor of your device.


The variety of devices offered by Dell is impeccable and the quality offered is unbeatable. Moreover, the brand doesn’t cause issues, it develops on its own because of some known or unknown reasons. Call Dell Help and Support Number, whenever any of your devices is now meeting your expectation in the terms of performance, speed, and reliability.

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